Free 2 Work

Free 2 Work is a free resource available to everyone in order to shed a light into the products we buy and use everyday.
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Good Guide

Visit them Here: Good Guide

Shop Ethical

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FairTrade Edmonton

This is a great site just to show you a place where you can go to check out the places in Edmonton to buy Fairtrade. Just another outlet when in search of Fairtrade, or a way to be more conscientious of where you shop. Visit them Here: Fairtrade Edmonton


Too young to Lose – Documentary
The Dark Side of Chocolate
Living on one dollar – Documentary and Film Trailer

Viewing options: Netflix, Buy on iTunes($17.99), Living on one SHOP

The True Cost – Documentary and Film Trailer

Viewing options: Netflix, Buy/Rent on iTunes, Buy/Rent on Amazon, The True Cost Website

Gary Haugen: Slavery and Poverty – Ted Talk Watch it

Noy Thrupkaew: Slavery Surrounds Us – Ted Talk Watch it

A Message From Vic